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Whoo my arttt..:D Check it out!




Hey all! I'm in need for the holidays, and my horse needs supplements and I'm right in the middle of deciding whether to quit my job or not, cause I'll be moving over to another one! Might change these prices..what do you guys think? I'm not trying to charge too much just because I know it is the holidays! But I'd appreciate anything! :) My style is always going to be a bit sketchy, cause hehe. Sorry. 

So I think I'm going to do $10 for headshots whether it be traditional, digital, or mixed media. Will add another $5 if you want a simple background(Like one of those cirled ones or something like that) 

Witness Me.  by ShiaWolfe Unnff. by ShiaWolfe

$20 for full body. Will come shaded and lined stuff like that. Same with the addition of $5 for background. 
Relaxation. by ShiaWolfeLe Sleepies. by ShiaWolfeWinter Sunsets by ShiaWolfeGet Into the Groove by ShiaWolfeMikey Mike by ShiaWolfe

$5 for my sketchy sketches. If you want one uncolored or quickly colored. 
Nux by ShiaWolfeKa-Pow! by ShiaWolfe

Choices of again: Mixed Media, Digital, or Traditonal<---If you chose traditional, I have toned tan paper and black paper which might cost a bit more, because I get super detailed with those. I can also do canine and feline characters! 

My commission journal is here, for examples, but things are getting revamped I believe. I'm taking a semester off, so I will have more time for art and stuff! 
Commission Information: OPEN(PayPal as well)After discussing prices, I had a lot of help! I've come up with these prices. They probably will get higher with the more experience I get, but for right now, I feel these are good! :) 
I can also take PayPal if that's easier for you.
$1=100 :points:
*I will negotiate if one doesn't have enough and stuff like that xD
:new: I can also do like the portraits of your characters or horses on my black paper.
1000 points:

I also have Toned Tan paper as well that I've done stuff on, but I only have one sketch pad of that, so I'm a little bit more iffy with that one. 
Colored Sketches: 500:points: Examples:
550 for a headshot:  
2000 for a full body, +50 with simple background  
3000 for a full body with rider :thumb4224


ShiaWolfe's Profile Picture
Darian(Darebear x3)
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I'm Darian and I love drawing animals mostly Wolves and Horses, but I'm up for everything! I have a horse, and a border collie mix puppy.

May my Beloved Boxer Rest in Peace:
Cyrus: 4/15/2002-- 9/9/2013.

Swiss: Page Ponies by Tattered-Dreams Yankee: Page Ponies by Tattered-Dreams Stayne: Page Ponies by Tattered-Dreams


WabbaJack #2928 by ShiaWolfe
WabbaJack #2928
I love this horse! OMG <333

Name: Wabbajack
Nickname: Jack
Breed: Pure #Nordanner
Registered? Registered
Age: 6
Gender: Stallion
Color: Sooty Seal Bay
Markings: 4 coronets, extended star and snip
Genotype: Ee/Ata/nSty
Discipline: Endurance and Dragon Hunting
Personality: Jack is what you would call a nonsense horse. He tends to goof off and pick on everyone around him. He is hard to catch in the field and it can be quite difficult to keep him under control when riding him. He is unpredictable and can turn out to be very dangerous if you are not cautious around him. He is not a sweet or loving horse by any means, so normally you won't be out petting him much...or taking too long to groom him as he easily gets aggitated. Only experienced riders will be able to ride him.


Sire: ORS Caspian Heist 2322…
Sire's Sire: SKG Caddell 36:…

Sire's Dam: EBS Artemis 402:…

Dam: ORS Alasegiel 2363:…
Dam's Sire: Aloysius 291:…
Dam's Dam: Faline 1529:…
DDS: SKG Smeltet Is 1379:…
DDD: Seina 1210:…
DDSS: SKG Natfjer 1276:?
DDSD: SC Ice Cream Sundae 1338:…
DDDS: Zolomir 456:…
DDDD: Uzume 814:…

Extended Lineage:

Apocolypse 454: ?
Levia 359:…
A Coming Exodus 460:…
Going Spotty 461:…

SKG Natfjer 1276: ?
NWS Daimhin 476:…
DFF Arina 474:…
Femme Fatel 840:…
SDS Shiya 98:…
WCDW Eximius 127: ?
SC Aithne 850: ?
SH Ulmende 149:…

Breeding Slots:
5. :iconcheddarbug:

Foal Ref:…
Nordanner breed :iconbaliroadmin:
Kings Landing 2934 by ShiaWolfe
Kings Landing 2934
New ref! Whoo! 

King Triton… x KEC Dawn’s Legacy 870:…
Breed (C) *AgerskovArt
Design (C) Cynthetix


*Suffers from Moon Blindness

King's Landing 2934

Name:// Tyrion or Terian
Age:// 5yrs
Gender:// Stallion
Breed:// Pure Nordanner
Colour:// Smokey Black Leopard Appaloosa - Ee aa nCr nLp
Projected Height:// 16.1 Hands

Personality:// Complete and utter smart ass, he can seem rather mean, but he doesn't mean anything by it. Codependent, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, pretty much will remember things, ALL things and this will either make him nice-ish to you or mean, high IQ, impulsivity.

Ohh, how I love him. Oh so very much.

------------------------------------------ SSS: KEC's Undefeated Gall…
----------------- SS: KEC Lord Stark…
------------------------------------------ SSD: Basilia Call To Arms…
Sire: King Triton:…
------------------------------------------ SDS: AS Poseidon…
----------------- SD: SKG Oceanperle…
------------------------------------------ SDD: EWS Heart of Atlantis 477:eclipsedwolf-stables.deviantar…

------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: KEC’s War Horse 423:…
------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
Dam: KEC Dawn’s Legacy 870:…
------------------------------------------ DDS: KEC Hey Arnold…
----------------- DD: KEC’s Darkest Before Dawn…
------------------------------------------ DDD: Dane’s Odessa…

Getttin' There by ShiaWolfe
Getttin' There
:new: He got 4th!! :la: 

First event with Ash! 

Will write more, I gotta go to class! This was a pain in the butt, I ended up having to take a picture of it with my phone, I hope that the quality is still decent! Ugghh!
9816 Arrow on The Doorpost by ShiaWolfe
9816 Arrow on The Doorpost
Someone got a new reference!! Lookit who grew up to be so handsome!! Digital was actually cool with me today. Hahaha, everybody is getting updated references.  
ID: 9816 
Name: Arrow On the Doorpost
Barn Name: Arrow
Color: Sooty Perlino Dun Roan Tobiano Sabino Bloodsplash
Genotype: Ee AA CrCr nD nR StySty nTb nSb nBsh
Gender: Stallion
Age: 5yrs
Height: 17hh
Breed: Nordanner
Accepted Foal Design: 9816 Arrow on The Doorpost


Sire: Stayne 462: (STARTER)

------------------------------------------ DSS: Prometheus 975
----------------- DS: Gravedigger 4346 :
------------------------------------------ DSD:  3758 Peacemaker
Dam: 8201 Corpse Reviver:
------------------------------------------ DDS: Hades 700
----------------- DD: Zihna 5441:
------------------------------------------ DDD: Oir Phosta 4262
Extended Bloodlines(4262)
Sire: Brandywine Affair 765
Dam: BL Golden Sprinkles 613

SS: 125 Regencio (Starter)
Sire: Regal Daemon 1764
SD: 900 ES Her Devil Within
DS:Samar 509 (DECEASED)
Dam: Balada Boa 1547
DD:Shiya 98 (DECEASED)

Breedings: CLOSED

Breed owned by :iconcloudrunner64:
Design (c) :iconcasthepizzaman:


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